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Pinkie pie sketch by lilbuc90
Making oc sketches available. Pinkie is the example :)

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Miss Doe and Neon Prism in: The scary basement by lilbuc90
Miss Doe and Neon Prism in: The scary basement
Neon: Hey Doe!

Miss Doe: *walks in room* Yes Neon?

Neon: We gotta put these ornaments and tree back in the basement

Miss Doe: But.. It's so dusty and dark down there..

Neon: I thought you changed the light already? I told you to do that last month when we got the Hearthswarming stuff out right? *confused face tilting head*

Miss Doe: did tell me but..*pokes at floor swirling hoof slightly*

Neon: Buuut?

Miss Doe: I heard a horrid noise and it frightened me so much I almost fainted *shifts eyes towards direction of the basement door fearfully*..*sighs* I wanted to build up courage to overcome my fear on my own

Neon: You could have told me sooner, I would have helped you if I knew *sympathetic smile* You don't have to overcome fears on your own when you have a friend *puts hoof on shoulder* to help you with it. Sorry I didn't realize you needed my help *hugs Doe*

Miss Doe: No, I'm sorry I was so embarrassed to tell you I was afraid to go on my own. *chuckles n blushes*

Neon: Totally fine Doe *soft smile* just let me know in the future if you need help..even if it embarrasses you

Miss Doe: I will remember if I ever do need help Neon, I'll come ask. EVEN IF it's embarrassing ^-^

Neon: Great ^v^ Now lets get this stuff down there, kay Doe?

Miss Doe: Alright but you first *giggles n blushes* still kinda scary ^-^'

Neon: Aaallrriiight you scaredy pony *playfully pokes Doe*

Miss Doe: *smiles and picks boxes up with her magic* Get the tree please?

Neon: Sure thing ^-^ *picks tree up with magic also as they head towards the basement door*

*Neon opens door and heads down followed by Doe*
*gets to bottom of stairs and a loud noise sounds*
*alarmed they both drop what they carried*

Miss Doe: *sounding alarmed* Neeooooonnn?

Neon: *hiding face with wings peeping out* I..I uuhhh think it's just the heater *chuckles halfheartedly, voice shaking a little* Yeah totally just the heater *says it over and over in head* juuusst the heater doe *attempts to smile but still looks a bit scared*

Miss Doe: III..I.If you say so Neon..

*both scream/yell and dart up the stairs, slamming door behind them*

Neon: *trying to catch her breath* I'll *huff* have *huff* to..*takes deep breath* get a repair *small huff* man *another deep breath* to check that out tomorrow *sighs and plops down on floor*

Miss Doe: Good *huff* Idea *takes deep breath as well*

Neon: *gets breath back and sighs again* How about a NON-SCARY movie and some popcorn to chill out before hitting the hay tonight? Might help us get to sleep and avoid nasty dreams about that basement. *small grin*

Miss Doe: small chuckle I would like that

Original shot from mlp fim with applejack and rainbow dash
Hope you like my little story. If I should do this more just leave a comment saying you wanna see more stories with my random pics and I'll sure try my best to make'em ^-^'

Be kind (no stealing others art) and have a nice day and or night ;P
100th episode was the best thing ever :iconlazycryplz: bye :iconrazycryplz:

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i miss you my friend :heart:
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Sorry I moved recently and haven't used the net much lately but I'll try to get on more often. so how are you?
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its been alot of ups and downs, but i think im getting the hang of everything ;) 
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hey lil Disna in progress  yet ?
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Have a most marvelous day! Tight Hug
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Thank you for the add. The sculpture you're making turns out really nice!
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